Hi, I'm Erin

And welcome to my website.


I have always been a creative and painted from young. I also loved the detail and structure around business, and really enjoyed when I started working. 


With a corporate background in Marketing and Advertising, my passion has always been brand and the many facets that come long with it.  It's best described as an onion. When you start peeling off the layers you start revealing the heartbeat of that brand or person. Those layers will be good and bad, they will define you and mould you. How is up to you!


I started my journey as a Hair and Make-up Artist 12 years ago and it was just going to be a creative balance to my already existing corporate career. I knew I wanted to be a Mom and flexible when raising my children and took the plunge to go full time 8 years ago just as I was having my eldest daughter Elle.  


It has been the most amazing journey and one that has evolved as I have grown within myself and my business.

Now with my babies growing and me knowing the direction I am growing my business in, I added Image Styling and Personal Branding into my scope of formal practice. 

It's such a holistic integration of all I love and all of who I am. 

On a personal note I am a Mom to two precious little princess' that keep me grounded, Elle Scarlet  and Willow Ruth and a wife to my talented husband Liam who is an amazing DJ and Woodwork Creative. I love a good cappuccino, a pretty lipstick and a heart felt laugh.   


I'm excited to go on your journey with you and hope to form an inspirational part of your brand development.